A list of links and notes I collect throughout the year.

Link, Article, Note Desc
jq-play Working with jq in terminal scripts it’s always good to be able to quickly iron out the details. This page greatly healps with that.
Contempt Culture This is interesting in many ways. Working professionally (open source or not) it all boils down to how welcoming and respectful we are to other people. I like the What can we Do part a lot.
AudioMass an open-source web waveform editing tool Interesting open source project and a good read on how much struggle it still can be to produce production tools using HTML/Javascript.
Kaitai Struct Easy way of parsing binary file types.

Quick note: the linked content of the articles, videos or websites here do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion. In some cases I might even disagree with all of its content but still like to share it. Over time the content behind a link might be edited or a blog changed into something different. Keep that in mind while enjoying the good stuff. If you find something really bad let me know: cschnack@gmx.de