A list of links and notes I collect throughout the year.

Link, Article, Note Desc
Big Sur boot volume layout macOS 11 folders decoded. Awesome macOS page in general.
Translation of Popular iPhone and Android App Keywords For simple things this should be good enough.
How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70% A nice blog entry showing that even in even big commercial projects can produce bad code.
Moment.js Project Status Reasons why and how development on moments.js has stopped.
How to test an App with a new iPhone? This can be done by starting an App using an iOS emulator. Once started select Device -> Erase All Conent and Settings...
Delete Microsoft AutoUpdate Microsoft is so kind to put it’s AutoUpdate tool config in many places so it’s more fun to remove it.
Fixing Grid Layouts in Unity with a Flexible Grid Component Writing UIs and layouts can be a pain. However, I personally enjoy it a lot and this nicely shows how that can be done in Unity.
Game UI Database A perfect collection of game UIs for reference.
Instanceof Not Working in Typescript Using ES3 or ES5 in Typescript renders instanceof useless. Sad.
Techniques to Avoid GC Pressure in .NET C# provides some neat features to fine tune GC cirtical areas. This blog entry is an excellent summary.
What went wrong with the IT-industry? - James Coplien It’s an interesting take on the development culture surrounding us.
[GitHub] Zero Allocation StringBuilder for .NET Core and Unity Working on my QBasic interpreter I noticed that garbage collection times get crazy in some situation. Luckily things like ZString can help to mitigate the effect.

Quick note: the linked content of the articles, videos or websites here do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion. In some cases I might even disagree with all of its content but still like to share it. Over time the content behind a link might be edited or a blog changed into something different. Keep that in mind while enjoying the good stuff. If you find something really bad let me know: cschnack@gmx.de