A list of links I collect throughout the year.

Link, Article Desc
Hugo Shortcodes Hugo content features beyond markdown
fontello.com Create custom webfonts
wwwbasic BASIC interpreter for web
We fired our top talent Good to read article from freecodecamp.org
Phinx, DB migration In search for a Flyway for PHP I found this.
GPN18 - Go für Programmierer A very good talk about how it feels to develop in go-lang. German
Finding the pid listening on a specific port on Mac OS X Useful for bash scripts and tools: Check if a specific port is currently in use.
ativemind AG DSGVO/GDPR. German
GPN18 - $QL from Hell What professionals can do with SQL in real world applications :-) German
Discord on React Native Discord is an awesome communication tool. In this article they share how they use React Native to build their iOS/Android apps. I came to love ReactJS/Redux for more complex JavaScript needs and React Native interests me a lot.
VFX Mike’s blog Brilliant blog about 3D effects in modern games (indie scale). Inspiring.
Crontab.guru Helpful when formulating a cron string.
Next generation state management - Michel Weststrate aka @mweststrate at @ReactEurope 2017 A friend of mine (jbrosi) pointed me to this. It has the potential to reduce some of the pain points I felt while writing a redux powered App.
PHP a fractal of bad design I enjoyed working with PHP in 2010 but I also enjoy that it is mostly a thing of my past. This article is a funny written summary of everything that was (is?) wrong with PHP. Enjoy.
[Cocoa] Slow scrolling in editor on Mac OS X Eclipse-Bug-Discussion. Main reason why eclipse is no fun on macos with hiDPI display. Whish I had the experience to fix this. I would make lots of people happy :).
10k Models All kinds of static models. This is handy when working on graphic effects. 10k models to test on.
Is there an easy way to rename an AWS target group for ALB? Sometimes it’s the small things that make life pain. We have the cloud and all but naming a service still is a challenge .
Agile is Dead • Pragmatic Dave Thomas Great and fun talk about what agile really means and what it (sometimes) had become.
Modernizr for JavaScript Helpful JavaScript library to detect various CSS, HTML or JS features. Very useful when dealing with early browser features.
Eclipse Instantly detect external file change I like Eclipse for Java/Spring. However, for HTML, JS and friends I prefer Atom. This option helps when switching between Eclipse and other editors.
Onsen UI Nice rebuild of the iOS and Android UI for web applications.
MySQL shell for macos (see Krystians comment) brew cask install mysql-shell allows you to use mysqlsh without the need to install GUI apps.
Reserved keywords in Hibernate If Hibernate/mariaDB complains while saving an object this is a good spot to check. Other than the article suggest you may only get an error in your SQL syntax.
SecList (github) A git repository with bad passwords and other useful lists.
Service to generate cat based placeholder images. Just fun to have this during development.
Mockuphone.de A useful tool to mock screenshots in iOS and Android images.
Scale images without filter in HTML5 Canvas Even though Flash is considered to be obsolete and replaced by HTML5 there are still some features missing/not standardized. Canvas image filter is an example. This jsfiddle demonstrates how to draw an image without the default nearest-neighbor-filter.
I made an iPhone game with phonegap and I’ll never do it again. Interesting blog article which gives insight in developing an App using HTML and JavaScript technologies (PhoneGap).
stackoverflow: Angularjs ng-model doesn’t work inside ng-if Interesting detail when working with AngularJS scopes.
  Space code for HTML. Need to write it down somewhere.
Things You Should Never Do, Part I Old, but good to read article about the (often wrong) idea of rewrite code from scratch.
i3 screencast: containers and the tree data structure  i3 approach looks incredible. This video is a very good explanation of the i3 data model.
Doing stuff with Spring WebFlux Nice article/tutorial about Spring Boot 2.0 with focus on WebFlux and the new none-blocking functional APIs.
Override Inline Styles with CSS Nice trick and helpful when dealing with toolkits that use inline styles.
Bad North Tech  An incredible tweet-collection of tech-details about the game Bad North
worldtimebuddy.com Compare multiple time lines at the same time. Useful when dealing with multiple timezones.
The best free stock photos shared by talented photographers Useful gallery of high quality free images.
How to calculate sizeDelta in RectTransform? (Unity) Helpful insight into RectTransform.sizeDelta.

Quick note: the linked content of the articles, videos or websites here do not necessarily reflect my personal opinion. In some cases I might even disagree with all of it’s content but still like to share it. Over time the content behind a link might be edited or a blog changed into something different. Keep that in mind while enjoying the good stuff. If you find something really bad let me know: cschnack@gmx.de